Terms Of Services

As a participant in the Immortal Modeling community I:

  • - Agree that I am not here to berate or belittle others, nor to fabricate myself for the purpose of deception.

  • - Agree that I will not request or post unprofessional and/or inappropriate work.

  • - Agree that I am here for the continuation and betterment solely of art and I will not engage in requesting or making public any material that is against federal, state or local law.

  • - Understand that requesting or posting inappropriate material will result in the suspension of my account, and I will not attempt to acquire a new account under penalty up to that which the law provides.

  • - Understand that posting illegal material such as, but not limited to nude images of underage people will be reported to law enforcement.

  • - Accept and understand that Immortal Modeling as an entity does not, in any form, have control or ownership of the community users' images, nor rights or permissions to use those images posted by the community users, unless they are specifically granted by the owner of the image. Contest entry images are considered available for promotion from the contest only and ownership of the image does not change nor provide Immortal Modeling additional rights to the image.

For additional information, please see our rules.