Not adhering to the following rules could result in the immediate suspension of your account,
and if breaking the law, your information will be provided to law enforcement.

No member of the Immortal Modeling community shall:

  • - Berate or belittle others, nor fabricate themselves for the purpose of deception.
  • - Request or post unprofessional and/or inappropriate work such as pornographic material, with posting pornographic material to include sexual penetration, the release of bodily fluids, sexual violence or nude images of underage people. Any requests for sex or offers of sex or nude images of underage people are strictly prohibited. Other images are considered art for our purposes. If you are unsure, please email us at info@immortalmodeling.com
  • - Request or post any material that is against federal, state, or local laws.
  • - Infringe copyrighted material. If it is not your work as the photographer, model, makeup/hair artist, do not post it, unless you can provide proof of permission to post.